Try our free online practice tests.

Benefits from our online practice tests for Olympiad.

Comprehensive practice delivered online for your academic & competitive success.

Thorough preparation for success

Ample practice questions with multiple variations covering all difficulty levels for achieving success.

Explanations that help understanding

Informative explanations that strengthen students’ understanding of all important concepts.

Modern platform for online practice

Easy to use online platform that student find enjoyable to practice & prepare for their exams.

Performance & progress reports

Immediate test performance reports that shows progress and areas to focus for improvement.

Strengthens important mental abilities

Helps develop logical thinking, intelligence, concentration, speed, accuracy, etc. of students.

Builds strong foundation for future

Helps achieve success in school and other advanced competitive exams. (e.g. Scholarships, NSTSE, etc.)

How to prepare for Olympiad Exam.

Step A.

  1. Clarity of concepts: -Clarity of basic concepts and chapter wise study from reference books for Maths and Science Olympiad exam. Eg: – Concept of money from Maths xpress book .(bookstore)
  2. Chapter wise online test:- Multiple Choice Question test  (chapter wise) from main test. Eg:-Money chapter in main tests.
  3. Final papers :-After completion of  chapter wise tests of all the chapters , solve  test papers . (online test)
  4. Analysis:- Check performance analysis after every test and paper.

Step B.

  1. Same as in step A
  2. Chapter wise tests:-Give chapter wise test from workbooks.(bookstore),
    Eg :- IMO workbook or BMA talent and Olympiad book Chapter money.
  3. Final papers:- After completion of chapter wise tests go for papers at the end of the book.

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